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Product Code: MIC
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Condition: New (Delivery Only)
Price: £1.41

Depth 9.05mm

Thickness 1.52mm

Interference/Tolerance 0.4mm

Will also fit:


David Brown
1190 (90 Series)1194 (94 Series)1200 (1200 Series)1210 (1200 Series)1212 (1200 Series)1290 (90 Series)1294 (94 Series)1390 (90 Series)1394 (94 Series)1410 (1400 Series)1412 (1400 Series)1490 (90 Series)1494 (94 Series)1594 (94 Series)1690 (90 Series)1690 Turbo (90 Series)1694 (94 Series)770 (700 Series)780 (700 Series)880 (800 Series)885 (800 Series)990 (900 Series)995 (900 Series)996 (900 Series)
2011 (UR1 Series)2511 (UR1 Series)3011 (UR1 Series)3045 (UR1 Series)3320 (UR1 Series)3321 (UR1 Series)3340 (UR1 Series)3341 (UR1 Series)3511 (UR1 Series)3513 (UR1 Series)3545 (UR1 Series)4011 (UR1 Series)4320 (UR1 Series)4321 (UR1 Series)4340 (UR1 Series)4341 (UR1 Series)4511 (UR1 Series)4611 (UR1 Series)4712 (UR1 Series)4718 (UR1 Series)4911 (UR1 Series)5011 (UR1 Series)5211 (UR1 Series)5213 (UR1 Series)5243 (UR1 Series)5245 (UR1 Series)5320 (UR1 Series)5321 (UR1 Series)5340 (UR1 Series)5340 H (UR1 Series)5341 (UR1 Series)5511 (UR1 Series)5545 (UR1 Series)5611 (UR1 Series)5645 (UR1 Series)5647 (UR1 Series)5711 (UR1 Series)5718 (UR1 Series)5745 (UR1 Series)5748 (UR1 Series)5911 (UR1 Series)5945 (UR1 Series)6011 (UR1 Series)6045 (UR1 Series)6211 (UR1 Series)6245 (UR1 Series)6320 (UR1 Series)6321 (UR1 Series)6340 (UR1 Series)6341 (UR1 Series)6711 (UR1 Series)

Manufacturer Part Nos

Case IH
David Brown
Ford New Holland


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